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surrogate songs: a collection of covers

October 19, 2009

UPDATE: I have popped a cap in the ass of dem links. They are ex-links. Their transmittal processes are now history.

It is Monday, and Monday means music. So, instead of lots of words and hyphens, commas and stuff, I give you a delightfully audible mixtape.

Working around various covers, I’ve attempted to make most of the tracks neither predictable, nor abundant in music collections. Inevitably, some of these tracks are less obscure than others, but that’s only so the really weird ones have a bedrock, an anchor, with which they can root themselves unobtrusively in your iTunes, your Foobar, or – heaven forbid – Windows Media Player. A note for the quality elite amongst you: where the sound quality is ropey and/or distorted is where I have had to resort to ripping from YouTube or various other generally low-quality sound sources. The majority of these are not readily, or easily available on CD. You have been warned. Now, presenting;

surrogate songs


1. Arcade Fire – Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son (Serge Gainsbourg/France Gall)
2. The Pipettes – I Think We’re Alone Now (Ritchie Cordell)
3. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Disco 2000 (Pulp)
4. Björk – It’s Oh So Quiet (Betty Hutton)
5. Violent Femmes – Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)
6. The Horrors – Shadazz (Suicide)
7. Lydia Lunch – Frankie Teardrop (Suicide)
8. EELS – Get Ur Freak On (Missy Elliott)
9. Boris – Me and the Devil Blues (Robert Johnson)
10. Asobi Seksu – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) (The Ramones)
11. Weezer – Kids/Pokerface (MGMT & Lady Gaga)
12. Manic Street Preachers – Umbrella (Rihanna)
13. Transfixion – Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland/Harold Arlen/E.Y. Harburg)
14. The Ramones feat. Tracy Lords – Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane)
15. Carter USM – Panic (The Smiths)
16. Wojtek Godzisz – Science Fiction/Double Feature (Reprise) (Richard O’Brien)
17. Tom Waits – Heigh Ho (from Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs)
18. The Flaming Lips feat. Stardeath and White Dwarfs – Borderline (Madonna)
19. Jesu – The Funeral Party (The Cure)

Part 1;
Part 2;

Notable omissions;

T.A.T.U covering The Smiths’ How Soon Is Now? (yes, that T.A.T.U)
The Shins covering Malvina Reynolds’ Little Boxes (a la The Weeds theme song)
William Shatner covering Pulp’s Common People (for your sake, not mine. actually, and mine)
Goldfrapp covering The Ordinary Boys’ Boys Will Be Boys
The She Creatures covering Paul Revere’s Hungry

The mixtape is designed to fit on a single CD. Four of those five tracks had to be taken off since they nudged the time length over the 80 minutes CD capacity. One was never in danger of ever making it onto the mixtape – you guess which.

And now for the fun bit. The dissection of my favourite songs. Oh yes. You didn’t think you could take the music and run, did you? By far the most interesting cover I unearthed – yes, it was all my doing – is Boris’ take on Robert Johnson, which, the perceptive of you will notice, is nothing like the original. That much is to be expected… I expect. They take his two and a half minute lament to Satanic companionship (and domestic abuse), strip away most of the words… and chords… and structure, and make an insanely awesome Japanese preserve (jam…gettit) out of it. Second to that is Jesu covering The Cure. Again, the original song is nearly, totally, completely obliterated, and replaced with the soothing, ethereal blanket of fog that Broadrick inspires. Quite suitable to the subject matter, I feel. But infinite distinction also to Björk’s shrieking rendition of the late-40’s song Blow A Fuse (here ironically renamed). Just try and tell me those yelps aren’t the highlight of the first half of the mixtape.


post-script; and now for something completely boring. those links will only be active for a week. one week. one single septimana. hebdomas solus. ignore the OSX file embedded in the .zips. deleting it is fine. and, finally, if the Weezer track is acting up, like it did for me, you can download it from: oh and remember, mediafire is SLOW. but go with it. it will be okay.